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Age limitations: 12+
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A few years ago, the Mexican mafia developed the most secure security system for their underground vault. Knowing the weaknesses of all the largest banks in the world, the group made sure to protect the headquarters in San Fernando from uninvited guests. This is where all the valuables are located: money, gold bars and — most importantly! documents from secret archives.

The only chance to deal with the mafiosi is to get into the vault and get evidence that will help put the leaders of the criminal empire behind bars. You have only 60 minutes to crack the security system and solve 24 challenging puzzles to gain access to the archive. And by the way, if you hurry — you can grab a couple of million in cash as a reward!

This quiz takes place online. For the duration of the game, the operator will become your arms, legs and eyes in the quest. You have to immerse yourself in the story and control the avatar on the screen to cope with all the challenges. Everything is like in reality, only without leaving home!

To participate, you will need headphones and a microphone — a link to the Zoom room will be sent to your email after the booking is confirmed by the operator.

The minimum number of participants is 2 players. You can play alone or assemble a full team. This will make the adventure even more interesting!

Please note: Moscow time is indicated for sessions in the schedule.

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