Get ready.
The surrounding reality will change for
the next 60 minutes.

If you have not fallen in love with escape games after your first one, you have not been to Claustrophobia. We design smart team entertainment with a WOW effect in Moscow and around the world. These games fascinate you; make your brain run at super speed and your emotions overflow. We do our best for you to ask: how on Earth does this work? I want more!

Probably the best escape games in the world

When we started Claustrophobia back in 2013, we did not find a single perfect escape game in Europe, the US or Asia. The solution came up immediately: let us make our own ones! The details. The story. The setting. These are the main things people come and return to Claustrophobia for. Our games are not set in rooms with locks and safety boxes. They are unique micro universes where you can do anything: alter physical laws and travel across space and time. Don’t try to figure out how it works. Just believe things are happening with you and for real.

The entertainment evolution

We were the first in Russia to move entertainment from PC and TV screens to reality, and then we built the largest escape game network worldwide. You can often come across a signboard with our brand key while traveling in Estonia, Valencia, Andorra and other places. Claustrophobia team games are known and loved in a variety of locations across the globe!


The first games in Moscow

The Insane Asylum The Soviet Apartment the games the Russian escape room industry started with.


The first games with actors

The new format combined puzzles with powerful emotions. It was a real bomb!


Claustrophobia for kids

We started with the Treasure Island game for kids and grew all the way up to the series of entertainment and education products for players aged <12 years.


A unique theme park

The 1,500 sq. m area at the Aviapark trade center turned into the largest quest game space in Russia.


Online team games

Self-isolation did not catch us off balance! New team games mechanics in online format were added to the collection

Look at the figures

7years of work
9 countries
144 unique scenarios
150 quests
843,327played games

The further you go the more fun there is

Do you want to join Claustrophobia network, meet the team or launch a cool co-project? Contact us today!

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