About us

8 countries
145 quests
144 unique scenarios
7years of work
828,850played games

What we do

Claustrophobia is all about adventure. It is about impressions, an opportunity to try something you have never done before and experience another reality. This is something people lack in their everyday lives: routine meetings at the office are a far cry from the meetings of knights at the Round Table, and you’re not likely to meet any dwarfs or trolls at marbled subway stations. Of course, even the daily routine can be exciting and full of emotions, but who would refuse to become the captain of a spaceship, to solve (or, on the contrary, to commit) the robbery of the century, to visit overseas countries or even other worlds? At least for an hour. This is what’s hidden behind the door of each Claustrophobia’s quest: a small but memorable adventure. With our help, you’ll find yourself in a haunted house, a medieval castle, the famous house in Baker Street, or a brilliant scientist’s lab… There are lots of options for you to choose. Whether you’ll step out as a winner, depends on your quick wit and inventiveness.

We were not the first ones to come up with the idea of translating computer quests to reality. When Claustrophobia was founded, «escape the room»-type quests were already available in Europe and Asia, but were only limited to simple rooms with puzzles and no spectacular decorations and stories. As for us, we started focusing on details from the very beginning. We believe that the degree of immersion, in the first turn, depends on how thoroughly the story and the surroundings are developed. And, of course, it affects the impressions people expect to experience here. Thanks to that we were able to take the quests to a new quality level, quickly gain popularity, cover the whole Russia from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, and enter the international market. Having established quests in the USA, Europe, and Asia, we were really happy to achieve what we dreamt of: to become the largest quests network in the world. Still, we are not going to stop here. We continue creating quests and inventing new formats.

Escape rooms with live actors are our first attempt to expand the genre palette. Each of them offers an emotional experience combining quest elements, the art of acting and psychological techniques enhancing the participants' impressions and immersing them into the plot.

In summer 2016, we launched a huge amusement park, a place bringing together horror quests for adults, fairy-tale quests for kids, and an utterly interactive Arcade. This time, it's not quests we have brought to the real world, but games from classic arcade machines. In 2018, Claustrophobia presents two new formats at once! We have launched a VR quest, which gives the players an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the virtual reality and break the physical laws of the real world. Meanwhile, Krasnodar saw the opening of the Labyrinth – a team competition game where you should complete a certain task within the time allocated, moving along twisted corridors in complete darkness.

What's next? We will certainly invent something new and exciting. Stay tuned.